Get your private over-the-water bungalow

Front terrace

You wanna live like in permanent vacations? Getting up in the morning with the view to the sea. Jumping into the water from your private terrace. Watching the fish jumping in front of the house and if you are lucky you can even see dolphins. If you are up for that, then this house might be interesting for you. It is for sale for only 390 000 USD.

The house

The house is built over water on concrete stilts. It has 2 bedrooms, a large open living room with kitchen, 3 bathrooms and a cabinet for the washer and storage.

The water around the house is crystal clear with corals in the back. In front of the terrace, the water is about 8 ft deep—great for jumping from the terrace into the water right after breakfast. Or enjoy the amazing light of bioluminescence when swimming at nighttime.

Dining with ocean view
Open living room, kitchen
Floor plan


The house is powered by a 2-year-old high-quality solar system. Three large rainwater catchment tanks ensure you’ll never run out of water. All of this equipment, along with a septic tank, is in the backyard out of your view. A 20 m² shed contains the solar system equipment, water pump, batteries, and more storage space.

This means you can live 100% off-the grid. The only running costs are for drinking water (5 gallon tank) and propane gas for warm water and stove.

A boathouse at the back protects your boat from sun and rain. A pier connects the main house with the boathouse and shed. At the back there is a laguna and jungle.

There is internet connectivity and mobile phone coverage is good.

Front view from the sea

Boat beats car

You’ll need a boat to reach this property since there is no road access. The property is about 5 miles to Bocas, which only takes 10-15 minutes with the boat.

Boat house (boat not included)

The property

The property is ROP (right of possession) with solid ownership history. ROP is very common in Panama, and for a house built over the water, it has very low risk because the water concession to which the house belongs cannot become a victim of squatting.

There are also neighbors around who can look after the house in case you leave it empty for an extended time. ROP carries more risk if you buy from locals and if there is no clear history of past owners or users of the property or if you leave your property for extended period (6 months) without having anyone to take care.

The property has about 6300 square foot, but as the backyard is not used as recreational space it does not matter really that it is rather small. The backyard is a bit swampy further back and mosquitos will teach you that it is their territory ;-).

Living room


If you are interested in renting the house to tourists, you can generate a solid revenue stream. Tourism in Bocas is growing each year, and a house like this can be rented for 150-350 USD / day depending on the season.

Front terrace

For sale

I am selling the house for 390 000 USD.

Any further questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch at

More photos…

View from kitchen window
View from kitchen window
Sting ray passing by the pier
Pool at sunset