Bocas del Toro

The Bocas del Toro archipelago is the top touristic destination in Panama. With Air Panama it is just a 45 minutes flight from Panama City to Bocas airport.

The archipelago consists of a group of islands close to the mainland and not far from the border to Costa Rica. The leeward side of the islands is very protected and water often calm like a lake. On the open ocean side you get bigger waves and Bocas is famous for world class surf spots.

Surf spot at Isla Carenero


There are plenty of activities to do in Bocas: Surfing, diving, enjoying the beaches, jungle hikes, fishing, visiting chocolate farms, watching dophins or just relax and enjoy the rich nature.

There are many national parks in the area, most famously the amazing Cayos Zapatilla.

Cayos Zapatilla

Bocas Town

Bocas Town is the economic and administrative center of the archipelago. Here you can do your shopping, enjoy nightlife, get a boat to the mainland and enjoy the carribean lifestyle.

Bocas Town


Bocas del Toro has a tropical climate with around 86 ºF (30 ºC) over the whole year. The “coldest” I have experienced was about 78ºF (26ºC) and it is rarely getting above 90ºF (32 ºC). The water is perfectly warm the whole year and can get as warm as 80ºF (27ºC).

There are two rainy saisons, one in June/July and the other one around December. But weather here is rather unpredictable. This December (2019) is pretty dry so far and last year it was raining more in the months which are ususally considered dry. But rain usually do not last too long so one can enjoy also the rainy saison to some good extent.

Cayos Zapatilla